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Tracy first got involved with production during high school and
has never wanted to do anything else. He has a BA from
Eastern New Mexico University in Radio/Television Production
and an MA in English Composition. He has done extensive
graphic and logo work and has worked at various production
facilities, most notably Competitive Edge Productions and
Sunrise Teleproductions before striking out with Sharon.
Sharon came to production through a different route – cel animation. For
those of you who know what one is, she can run an Oxberry with the best
of them.  She has supervised painting teams and painted cells herself.  
After a time, she moved on to line producing and project direction for some
of the largest production houses in the country like Blue Cactus in Dallas
and Crawford Communications in Atlanta.  She also ran the duplication
department of eighteen employees at Crawford, but decided to come back
home to Albuquerque to rejoin Sunrise Teleproductions.
Tracy Kuntz
Sharon Grigg