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At their simplest, video scrapbooks are
collections of your still photographs (either digital
or printed) and footage, plus animation and
graphics, set to your music. They may be made
for a funeral service, a wedding, a birthday, a trip,
new baby, or virtually anything that could go in a
hard copy scrapbook.     
What they are:
They are not slide shows, Power Point
presentations, or something your digital frame can
do. These are specifically edited to the music and
to the occasion or service.
What they are not:
Why not do it myself?
Technically, you can – especially if you have experience with Photoshop and other graphic and animation
packages. However, will you? And just like everything else, there’s a learning curve, so it can turn into a much
more frustrating project than you expected. Beyond that, the biggest reason not to, particularly in the case of a
funeral video, is your emotional attachment. Even if you have a friend do it, they will experience similar
difficulties. At a time in your life when everything is out of control, we can manage this one aspect for you with
both technical expertise and the compassion which comes from personal experience in just such